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  • Hi Super Pretty Fine Femmine Sammee I want to Thank You for contacting me early this Friday morning Lady, its always highly Exciting to hear form Super Fine Sweet Ladies like you oK. You keep Creating good things over their now. 1-11-13…

  • Well I can see what happens when you google yourself!
    And you can too! Check out my updates. Follow me on twitter@bbwsammee
    And if your in Vegas jan 20, 2013
    Come out to my club! Thick sundaes. Google that!

  • Gurl,

    Where in the Hell are you??? been trying to locate you call me ASAP, last time I saw you, you had a spider bite…..

    Calling for COMFORT!!!!

  • Julian

    Love This Site Admin it,s to bad tho i need a filesonic accout to download alot of these files i happen to a rapidshare accout already other wise i would shell out the 150$ for the unlimtid use to host files & download stuff from this site. Also if u need some ssbbw movies i havesome u can upload that i paided for.

  • I love this site

    Can you pos diva bombshells last five

  • I love this site

    Can you post diva bombshells last 5 please

  • Hey Hi my Bonita Goddess Sammee Damn lady I am sitting here at this nice developing hour of 11:18AM Monday morning giving out Big Compliments as usually bored too wishing I could be Filming with you living out my BBW Fantases OK Damn too Bad Man. I will be intouch with your Pretty Sexxxy ASS about me Modeling with you Sweet Heart Damn. 12-27-10.

  • wallpro

    AWESOME. wish there were more women like her..

  • Phatlover


  • Bigbuttpearlover

    love her body!

  • Boris

    Awesome contribution, She’s so h0t.
    Thank you.

    Any chance to get a full rip?

    cheers and keep up the good work!

  • Anonymus

    its beautiful! Thank you very much!

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