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  • MelonHeadSpanker

    Squashing fruit, bread, & cupcakes looks nice & sexy but it’s over kill. You have a cute well rounded booty! But now it’s time too sit on adult human rib cages, us hardcore squash freaks want you to take it to the next level, unless you’re scared to sit on human ribs until us prey “pass-out”. You have all that booty but does it have any knock out power!? If your husband is ok with it film you squashing 5 loafs of bread on my chest with your booty to see if I pass out. If you’re ever in Southern California email me. For examples of what we want to see Google queen krusha, Exstream Squash Queens,ssbbw mistress kim buttdrops. Now if you’re scared keep it tame and continue squashing food that don’t have a chance under your booty but human lungs will at east put up a fight with the booty. But it’s not for every SSBBW Pear you look too tame to & there’s nothing wrong with that, about 70 % of SSBBW Pears are. But if you’re actually one of the 30% that have a “killer instinct with the booty us prey are not hard to find. If I could have my way this email would eventually catch up with me. And this goes for your big butt friend Mikael Rufinelli too. Yes, I met her at a bbw nightclub in 2006. But does y’all booty have knock out power?

  • trent

    put on youtube

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