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  • Camero

    Hey xander…u don’t have all the violet and ultimate bbw…these are partial site rips not full rips which is why the number of clips and pic sets are different

    I wish to thank admin 4 the effort but I don’t like paying for anything on the web because u can always find it for free
    (btw, i downloaded these 2 rips for free using the link eggdude posted which has since been removed)

    Back in the day, I used to post more passwords 2 BBW sites than anyone and I never charged a fee for “premium” passes or access to a “vip” or “gold” forum…just sayin

  • xander

    while you guys are bitchin I payed the 9 bucks and I have all of the violet and ultimate bbw….haters gonna hate

  • Vince

    You guys need to pay for filesonic man, not the lame cheap shit! only 9 dollar a month, its worth it!

  • Vince


  • Dan

    How can you complain about 9 dollars a month to download almost every BBW site imaginable? I paid $9 for a burger and beer last night and thought it was a deal… I’m so over it…

  • Camero

    eggdude is my new hero…thanx a lot man

  • Leo

    It’s funny though – he had no problem in the past keeping the posts under the free limit. If we wanted to pay for a service, we’d just pay for the porn in the first place. Get these things under limit, man.

  • eggdude

    i think he tried to make file just under the free limit (400mb) but he failed
    i forgive you dude ! juste re-up with 399mb parts !

  • jonnyred

    ill join if i see a siterip 🙂

  • jonnyred

    hey as long as the admin making more money means more site rips then i guess i cant be too mad, its cheaper to join filesonic then it is to join member sites, i do expect to see requests filled tho

  • Jooky

    You lamers really gonna complain about that? If you think you can do better, go ahead and try.

  • Camero

    admin is going from hero to zero…shame

  • Jiraza

    Please!!! Please cut the sizeof this babe and Ultimatebbw down to reasonable sizes please, I don’t care if it takes me a week or two just please, cut the sizes down please?!

  • Camero

    Oh I see, you’re creating 400.54 MB size files on purpose so filesonic will pay you referral fees if we signup for their premium service…that sucks man…ur just ruining ur reputation

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